Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I think I do this...or do I?

As I was reading through "Working Inside the Black Box..." I thought to myself, "I think I'm already doing some of this. Or am I?" That thought continued to carry me through as I read the article. In discussing the 4 main headings of questioning, feedback, peer & self-assessment and formative use of summative tests, I was really stuck on the questioning piece of the article.

As I think back to my teaching-even today-I think about the questions I asked (or didn't ask for that matter). I know I do one of the things the article spoke of: "The key to changing such a situation is to allow longer wait time" (p. 11). Yes! I do this! I cannot pinpoint the moment that changed for me, but I do know it was after some sort of professional development/book/class where we discussed wait time. This is pertinent for me in my class this year because I have a few kids who have this written into their IEP where they are to get additional wait time.

However, when it comes to the types of questions I ask...well, I might need to work on that. I'm pretty sure I do a lot of the one-word answer questions. I remember being better at planning my questions when I had elaborate lesson plans (which are no more). There is something to be said for writing down (some of) the things you plan to say to your students.

I really enjoyed reading about how one teacher has the "no hands" policy. That way, the kids know they are accountable for their learning and their time with me. This is something I can do in my classroom TOMORROW! Talk about immediate use and change in what you can do! This would in turn leave it to be a more comfortable climate. My only question would be, what do you say to that student? Do you say, "Nice try? Try again?" That would be something to think about too. Funny-thinking about questioning, while ending with another question. I guess it has me thinking!

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