Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I thought the articles were quite accessible to read and did a good job of distinguishing the different types of portfolios.I particularily liked the Wolf and Siu-Runyan article. Since I do not do portfolios in my class I have never spent much time thinking about them. I thought the authors did a great job of distinguishing between the three models: ownership, feedback and accountability. I think that they did a good job of discussing the strengths and limitations of the three types. The Mondock article job did a good job of discussing the product vs. process models of portfolios. The reflection questions for the process portfolios were worth keeping and using with students.
I think that portfolios make a lot of sense and should be started in kindergarden and kept in an electronic file until a student leaves or graduates. It is a great personal record of a students growth. I don't know if this type of portfolio is being done in Edina or being considered. If it is not being done at school then I think parents and students should start one at home. I have kept some of my children's writing and I do like to go back and read it.

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